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Something in Common at WFCA


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the 36th Annual Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Clinic in Middleton, Wisconsin. Over 3,000WFCA 2012 coaches, athletic directors and equipment managers from around the state attended the three-day event, which included guest speakers, seminars, an exhibit hall, a nightly “WFCA Bash” and the “Hall of Fame” Inductee ceremony.

I must admit I was a little overwhelmed with the high ratio of men, but got over it quickly when I realized they were interested in what I had to say “Do you have issues with your current equipment storage?”    

Everyone had similar storage challenges, small space, shared space or no space. What they didn’t realize is that Spacesaver mobile storage systems are designed to store bulky items like shoulder pads, helmets, uniforms or equipment for any unique storage space.

Rock UR Athletic Storage

I also had the opportunity to talk about Spacesaver's "Rock UR Athletic Storage” $30,000 equipment storage makeover. When I told them all you had to do is visit, submit a photo of their school’s current equipment storage and tell us why their school was in need of an equipment storage makeover - they were all over that.

Overall the clinic brought awareness and insight to who Spacesaver® is and the storage challenges we can solve.

For images, videos and case studies of Spacesaver athletic equipment storage visit:


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