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10 reasons to go mobile with your storage!


Mobile Shelving has been around for a long time. Actually, Spacesaver has been manufacturing it since 1972, and (as you can imagine) after 40 years, the features of mobile shelving have evolved considerably. What have continued to remain unchanged are the benefits of compact shelving. Which is why we feel compelled to discuss the top 10 reasons for you to GO MOBILE!...reasons that go beyond the obvious space savings!

Seattle Public Library Mobile System

1. Greater Space Efficiency!

Use your space more efficiently! Gain 100% greater storage capacity or reduce your storage footprint by 50%!  

2. A cost-effective solution to accommodate growth!

Mobile storage offers long-term benefits. This is especially true with programmable electric systems, which offer the highest storage density (sometimes more than 50% of static storage systems) and allow any business to plan for short or long-term expansion in existing spaces.

3. Improved Productivity! 

Staff will be able to find stored materials quickly, therefore freeing up more time to complete daily tasks.

4. Customizable storage for virtually any material!

From small supplies or bulky boxes, to files and printed materials - all the way to industrial pallet storage, let us configure a system that fits your individual storage needs! We don't just store files, we store stuff! Customization is a key benefit of mobile storage. Deep shelves and heavy-duty carriages can handle large boxes and heavy loads, accomodating through customization to satisfy ANY storage need.  

5. Increased security of stored material!

Although locking devices are available on any of our mobile products, programmable systems provide the ultimate in system security - electronic or remote access. This guarantees that aisles can be opened only by someone who has the proper authority.

6. Stored items are more readily accessible!

Mobile systems can improve accessibility in countless ways. This goes back to the idea of customization. Increased density allows stored materials to be found in the most appropriate location for staff needs.

7. Provide a safe employee environment!

Improved density eliminates dangerous practices such as in-aisle precarious overhead storage. Use of narrower shelves makes items easier to reach. Programmable systems safely move heavy loads with the touch of a button. Features to look for: passive safety systems, anti-tip protection and in-aisle lighting.  

8. Going mobile is less expensive than purchasing NEW stationary shelving!

We've done the comparisons time and time again for our clients. When considering new mobile shelving vs. new stationary shelving, it's actually less expensive to go mobile! *This comparison proves true when considering all of the 'stuff' you have to store - in the space you have available or planned.

9. The ability to plan for future growth!

Imagine never having to consider or worry about your business' storage needs again! Our Spacesaver specialists will conduct a completely cost-free analysis of your stored materials, while allowing for your future growth expectancies.

10. Organization is key!

Whatever you're storing, our team of storage specialists will help organize your 'stuff', all with the goal of fast retrieval, cost savings, and ultimately - peace of mind!

Learn more about mobile storage and how it can
benefit your time and space

For additional information, call us today at 1.800.255.8170, OR download our Mobile Shelving brochure today to compare mobile shelving features!

 Mobile Systems Brochure, Mobile Storage

 Original post by Shannon Melrose - Storage Expert



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