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Rockin' Athletic Storage


Storing athletic equipment for a college is a big job. Storing athletic equipment for 17 different sports and keeping everything secure, organized and in good shape is a huge endeavor.  Combine that with a severe lack of space and the job becomes nearly impossible.  

Spacesaver Corporation announced its second “Rock UR Athletic Storage” contest last fall, offering $30,000 in storage solutions to one lucky college and one K-12 school. Moravian College and more than 30 other institutions of higher education saw an opportunity to solve their athletic equipment storage issues.  Voting for “Rock UR Athletic Storage” was conducted via Facebook and users could vote up to ten times per day for their favorite school.  

In addition to a 100-word essay and photos depicting their current storage issues, Moravian College submitted a 4-minute video demonstrating their lack of space and need for an equipment storage makeover.  Students, teachers, parents and entire communities were amped up about the program this year!  Voters responded via Facebook and Spacesaver was up to the task, awarding Moravian College $30,000 in storage solutions.  For their efforts, Moravian College will receive a high-density, Wheelhouse® mobile storage system. Congratulations, Moravian College!

Check Out the Moravian College Youtube Video!

With Spacesaver mobile storage solutions, athletic departments can increase their overall storage capacity by 100% or reduce their storage footprints by 50% over static configurations.  Accessibility to equipment is also improved as increased storage density allows for equipment to be stored and retrieved much easier over other configurations.

Dunlap High School

Last year, Dunlap High School in Illinois won the “Rock Ur Athletic Storage” award.  They chose a storage solution that included a modular, high-density Wheelhouse® mobile storage system.  This year, Spacesaver expanded the contest to include one college and one K-12 school.

Nancy McDonald, Athletic Storage Specialist


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