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Military Optics: Secure Storage Solutions


Inventory control of military equipment is important for a number of reasons.  Readiness demands equipment is accessible at a moment’s notice and in good working order.  Inventory shrinkage results in millions of dollars of loss or more each year across many industries.  Ramifications of inventory shrinkage for military personnel can be devastating.  Beside affecting troop safety and effectiveness, they also include loss of rank and salary, removal from command and possibly imprisonment and/or fine. In addition, the unlucky command may also be used as subject material for a blog on the importance of securing military equipment…military optics storage

Take the recent theft at a military base last December.  It is estimated that approximately $600,000 worth of military optics were stolen and an entire infantry company was placed in lockdown until the culprit(s) could be identified. Fortunately, the thief was arrested.  Not so fortunate is the reality that military equipment, just like civilian property can be targets for the unscrupulous desires of dishonest persons.  The relative ease with which the items were “liberated” is equally bothersome.  However, all is not lost.  Spacesaver has the solution.

Spacesaver offers many storage solutions for military equipment.  Whether it’s storing weapons or night vision goggles, UWR (Universal Weapons Rack) and Tactical Readiness Cabinets and Lockers provide a solution that will safeguard military equipment inventory and avoid unfortunate consequences related to missing or stolen items.

military optics storageIn addition to heavy gauge steel construction and fully welded cabinets, all military storage solutions offer a variety of locking mechanisms to meet or exceed the requirements of the military.  Available security features include the option of hasps for pad locks and keyed or combination entry pads.  Whether the equipment is kept at the armory or deployed, Spacesaver has it covered.

Your job is to protect the nation.  Our job is to protect the equipment that makes it possible for our armed services to keep us safe.  At Spacesaver, we’re committed to making sure your equipment is stored securely.  Through a variety of storage solutions designed especially for the military, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that equipment will be there when it’s needed.

Nancy McDonald - Military Storage Specialist


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