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Seattle Public Library... A Must See While Visiting ALA

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library Central has an expanded collection capacity of 1.45 million books and materials; 11 floors; underground parking; spacious areas for children and young adults; a four-level "books spiral" to house the bulk of the nonfiction collection in a continuous run; an auditorium; a floor called the "mixing chamber" that contains information desks where patrons can ask librarians for help; a coffee cart; and an exterior "skin" of insulated glass on a steel structure. Learn more about this impressive use of space. Take a virtual tour click here.

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How the Innovative Book Spiral Works....

Book stacks are organized using the Dewey Decimal System, which runs continuously from 000 on Level 6 to the 900s on Level 9. Floor mats in the aisles show numbers that correspond to neighboring stacks.